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Session Lessons

Apr 3, 2018

"Make money, be successful, and everything will be fine."

David is 36 years old, an attorney and a senior executive at a finance company in Manhattan. "Make money, be successful, and everything will be fine." That is how he was taught to deal with his emotions. Instead of shutting up and being a man, David talked about his experiences and has learned how to change his narrative, or reset his default reactions to events and situations in his life. Through therapy David has built the tools he needs to make being happy possible.

In this session you will hear:

- How emotional injuries have the same properties as physical injuries 

- Why you should watch the movie Gladiator if you want to know the difference between Power and Force

- Just like you go to the gym before you get fat, you should go to therapy before you get depressed

- How to be in your body and lean into feelings like anxiety and pain